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Cars With the Best Resale Value

Cars With the Best Resale Value

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Cars With the Best Resale Value

People buying new cars rarely do so with the intention of hanging on to them for decades. Frequently, buyers have two questions in mind: How does the car perform, and what will its resale value be after five years of depreciation?

Kelley Blue Book, the car valuation guide, has been the go-to resource for consumers who want answers to these questions. It's official website, has just released its list of the top 10 cars with the best predicted resale value for 2013.

It projects the resale value using such factors as current sales data, market conditions for each vehicle and expectations for the economy.

What are the qualities that make a car ideal for the Top 10 Best Resale Value Award winners? According to Kelley Blue Book's Eric Ibara, there's no single attribute.

"Obviously a good looking car, a popular car, is more likely to sell at a higher price," Ibara said in an interview. "But if you remember back to Economics 101, it really comes down to supply and demand. You can have a good car, but if it was overproduced, its price will be lower in the marketplace." presents Kelley Blue Book's list of the top 10 cars, with the best resale value for 2013.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 27 Nov. 2012