MySpace Co-Founder Completely Obliterates Twitter Follower


Does the social network MySpace ring a bell to you? Well, Myspace co-founder Tom Anderson just sounded the alarm.

Anderson, whose Twitter bio reads "Enjoying being retired," took to Twitter on Wednesday to voice his opinion on Instagram and the much-discussed change to its Terms of Service this week. "People keep asking, so I'll say it: fear over Instagram's terms change is ridiculous," wrote Anderson."Get real folks!"

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, saw its users outraged when its new privacy policy inferred that the company would be selling its users' photos.After many Instagram users threatened to leave the service, the photo-sharing site released a blog post explaining it would not be selling users' pictures like a stock photography site.

Anderson, who is clearly siding with Instagram in the battle, which has been dubbed "instagate", told his followers to take a deep breath and carry on.

Twitter user Polo Tapia (@PoloTapia) wasn't pleased. Tapia responded to Anderson by tweeting, "Says the guys that was not able to keep a social network alive."

Anderson quickly shot back: "Says the guy who sold MySpace in 2005 for $580 million while you slave away hoping for a half-day off."

The tweet by Anderson, who did sell MySpace in 2005 to News Corporation for $580 million, was retweeted and favorited over 7,500 and 5,000 times, respectively, unusually high numbers for a reply-tweet. As Twitter user @DukeOfZamunda scored it, "Advantage: Tom."

In case you're wondering, Tapia didn't reply back and later deleted his Twitter account.

"Does that mean I win?" tweeted Anderson.