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Cramer: Small Sign with Big Implications

No Huddle Offense: Alcoa's 4th Quarter
No Huddle Offense: Alcoa's 4th Quarter

Sometimes the most important signals in the market come in small almost undetectable ways. They're easily missed. Well by most people, that is, not by Cramer.

Cramer thinks that may be the case with Alcoa earnings, which admittedly were cheered by the Street, though nothing more than that.

Dig down, however, and Cramer thinks there's a reason to celebrate – there may even be a reason to throw a big party with confetti and a tiered cake.

Hidden beneath the headlines, he says is an important data point which may be extremely bullish.

Alcoa sees demand for aluminum growing 7 percent in 2013, up from a 6 percent gain in 2012.

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That increase may seem modest to most investors but Cramer sees it a little differently – he sees it as a sign of accelerating worldwide growth.

The aluminum that Alcoa produces is used in a wide range of products, everything from planes and cars to infrastructure and more. The forecast suggests a whole lot of things are being built.

"Now, how is that increase possible in a world where growth's not so hot in the U.S. - where Europe's actually dropping again? The answer is China," said Cramer.

That's the small sign in Alcoa earnings with big implications.

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"Results suggest that there's a gigantic acceleration going on in China," said Cramer. Amid his many comments, Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld practically confirmed that China was clearly coming back.

"This is tremendous news for those of us trying to figure out what 2013 looks like," Cramer explained.

In 2013, China may again emerge as the engine of global growth. "Don't forget that Russia, Brazil and India have also begun to re-accelerate," said Cramer.

Put it all together and Cramer says the most probable conclusion is a world in resurgence.

In other words, Alcoa results may be the final piece of the puzzle – confirming that growth is once again a major theme in markets.

"Alcoa's results are actually tremendous news for worldwide economics," he said.

"It cheered me and it should cheer you, this is a very strong start to the earnings season from a company that has a very good handle on the global economy and all of its attendant segments."

And Cramer added – "Of course this is terrific news for Alcoa, too."

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