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Why Marriage Makes Women Drink More

Does Marriage Make You Drink More or Less?
Does Marriage Make You Drink More or Less?

Are you married? Does that make you drink more or less? The answer may depend on your gender.

According to Psychology Today, women start drinking more after they get married, while men start drinking less. I mentioned this the other day in a blog about the NRA's Wine Club. (Read More: Women, Wine, and the NRA.)

I'm not surprised that women pour an extra glass of wine—or two—after marriage. I've been married for almost 25 years.

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But husbands drink less? The alcoholic beverage industry may find this very interesting. (Read More: Drink Up, Beer Is Healthy Says... Heineken Exec.)

I decided to dig a little deeper … by going to a bar. Where else could I find men on a weekday afternoon?

I visited the Tinhorn Flats in Hollywood and struck gold. Some of the men at the bar have been married, some are single, some have been in and out of "committed relationships."

Colin Reid said he drinks less when he's in a relationship. "I think probably because there's less going out."

"I don't drink any more, and I don't drink any less," says twice divorced Rex Weiner. (Read More: Drum Roll, Please...And the Favorite Adult Beverage Is...)

As for the habits of their women, Brian "Hacksaw" Williams said when he's in a serious relationship with a woman, "I think I cause them to drink more." By the way, I asked Williams how he got the name "Hacksaw". He looked at the NBC logo on my microphone and said, "Well, there are an awful lot of Brian Williams in the world, so I made up a nickname."

Watch the video above for more bits of wisdom (my favorites come from "Two Martini Howie"). As an added bonus, I've thrown in my wedding photo from 1988. And you thought I was a natural blonde...

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