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Amazon CEO’s ‘Halo Effect’: Scaramucci

Amazon CEO's 'Halo Effect': Scaramucci CEO Jeff Bezos is the new Steve Jobs, or at least getting the same kind of attention that is boosting his company, SkyBridge's Anthony Scaramucci said Tuesday as the retailer reported quarterly earnings.

"Jeff is now the cult of Steve Jobs," he said, referring to the late Apple CEO and co-founder. "He's the risk-taker. He's the innovator. He's the great innovator. He's getting the halo effect, and that's why you're seeing this sort of P/E expansion as well."'s Tim Seymour had a less hagiographic assessment.

"They're investing in their infrastructure globally. They will take the next dollar from the global retailer that's in the traditional format," he said. "This is why you reward Amazon, even though I don't reward them from a stock purchase because I don't chase stocks like this."

StockMonster's Guy Adami saw a clear reason for after-hour action in shares.

"The improvement in margins, given what the Street was looking for, is exactly why the stock is higher," he said. "It augurs well for the future for them."

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