Director Michael Bay Crashes the Super Bowl

Harriet Taylor, CNBC Producer
Michael Bay: How I Pick Winning Projects
Michael Bay: How I Pick Winning Projects

This year, PepsiCo's Doritos brand is stepping up its 'Crash the Bowl' Super Bowl ad campaign, with the help of Producer and Director, Michael Bay.

Doritos 'Crash the Bowl' contest solicits consumer generated ads and selects five finalists for viewers to vote on.

The top two will run during Sunday's Super Bowl and the film maker behind the ad that gets the best ratings wins the chance to work alongside Bay on his next 'Transformers' movie.

Bay says he's excited about the Bowl and looking forward to working with up and coming film makers.

"I just thought this was a great way to give back and help young people break in. That's how I broke in, through commercials."

The bar for Super Bowl commercials could not be higher - this year brands are paying $3.8 million per 30 second spot - and viewers come to the game expecting to be entertained throughout.

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Many big brands have already pre-released Super Bowl ads online, hoping to generate social media buzz. Bay hasn't peeked at the pre-released spots. He said he's waiting to watch the ads on the big day. He thinks TV spots are still more effective than internet ads, as long as producers hit the right note.

"I think comedy spots are extremely effective during the Super Bowl, emotional spots are more difficult to pull off," he says.

This year's 'Crash the Bowl' finalists lean heavily towards comedy - several of the top five ads feature animals and children including a goat, a toddler, a drag queen and a pug.

Bay is known for big budget spectacles, including Pearl Harbor, and the Transformers trilogy, and they've grossed more than $3.5 billion worldwide.

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The veteran producer and director says he's driven by his gut instinct, and shared tips for aspiring film makers on why he decided to take on the 'Transformers' slate and his strategy for success.

"You got to have some foresight, I went with my gut, you got to make them accessible to non-Transformers fans, cause I wasn't a Transformers fan..."

What is Bay not a fan of? Trading on the stock market. He prefers cash and offered up one last tip: "Never trust your stock broker!"