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Twitter Goes Wild For Tim Geithner's Book Title

Timothy Geithner
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Tim Geithner, who once said he would not write a book after he left the Treasury Department, is writing a book.

When folks on Twitter found out, a hashtag was born: #geithnerbooktitles.

A spokesperson for the former Treasury Secretary confirmed to CNBC's Steve Liesman that he will be meeting with publishers soon. He already has an agent.

Presumably, the book hasn't yet been written. Geithner will likely have help writing the book because very few public officials really go on and write books all by themselves.

So it's very nice that people on Twitter offered so many suggestions to help Geithner get started.

Some of our favorites:

"Angels and Lehmans" @minkimes

"It Should Have Been Bigger" @viewofadam

"A Tale of Two Citis" @stfanjbecket

"A Farewell to ARMs" @williamalden

"The Old Man and the SIFI" @kevinroose

"Stress Tested" @justinjm1

"The World According to TARP" @sconsetcapital

"Tuesdays with Moral Hazard" @kevinroose

"Much CDO About Nothing" @peterschroeder

My own: "Being and Tim" and "AIG Lay Dying."

Surely, however, we can do even better. What do you think Geithner should call his book?

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