Yahoo Shares Rise on News of Google Ad Deal

Tony Avelar | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Yahoo reached a deal with rival Google to start using Google's ad network for some of its ads, Yahoo said on its Anecdotal blog Wednesday.

Shares of Yahoo rose more than 1.5 percent after-hours. Shares of Google were little changed.

The deal, which Yahoo said is a "global, non-exclusive agreement," is for targeted ads, which deliver ads to users based on their search habits. Yahoo will use Google's AdSense program for targeted ads on websites, mobile sites and search results and AdMob, which is for apps.

Yahoo said the placement or look of the ads won't change — it's more of a back-end change to improve targeted ads.

Last year the search rivals held talks on advertising and the buzz was that it might be a bigger deal where Yahoo might have Google handle all of its lower-priced ads. Yahoo currently has a separate ad deal with Microsoft.