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‘Lack of Conviction’ in Market: Godfrey

'Lack of Conviction' in Market: Gemma Godfrey
'Lack of Conviction' in Market: Gemma Godfrey

Investors should be cautious about a lack of conviction in the market for three reason, Brooks Macdonald Asset Management Head of Investment Strategy Gemma Godfrey said Wednesday on CNBC.

The first reason Godfrey noted was increased flows into exchange-traded funds.

"The reason why this is crucial is, ETFs provide very quick, very easy access to broad exposure to the market," she said. "This isn't high-conviction, stock-specific, long-term trading."

On "Fast Money," Godfrey said that this wasn't indicative of a "great rotation" into stocks.

"Actually, we see these flows out of money market funds into equities, so that's the first stage," she said. "We have yet to see from bonds to equities."

Godfrey's third point was that flows are heading into emerging markets, not U.S. stocks, which makes these investors "momentum followers that are trying to catch up."

"The lack of conviction, the complacency in the market, all do give us cause for concern," she added.

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