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Fabulous Ferraris Go on the Auction Block

Robert Frank and Paul O'Donnell
Source: Mike Maez | Gooding & Company

Since 2010, the average price of collectible Ferraris is up more than 70 percent, according to Hagerty, the collectible-car insurer and valuation firm, and the highest price ever paid for a vintage Ferrari, the $35 million plunked down for for a 1962 Ferrari GTO, came as recently as last June.

At this weekend's auction at the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance in Florida, the march of fabulous Ferraris continued. While the estimates at Amelia topped out at about $2 million, the assembled collectors were paying close attention to see if the recent skyrocketing prices still have room to run, or turn out to be an unsustainable bubble.

Click ahead to see some of the hottest cars on the block:

1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Long Nose

Source: Mike Maez | Gooding & Company

Price: $2,365,000

One of approximately 25 alloy-bodied 275 GTBs to be built, this is regarded as one of the most desirable 1960s Ferraris. Beautifully restored in a vibrant yellow color. it has been owned by several distinguished collectors and participated in prestigious European events. With its appearance at the Amelia Island Auction, it's the first six-carb 275 GTB Alloy to be offered in the United States for more than three decades.

1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4

Source: Brian Henniker | Gooding & Company

Price: $1,650,000

Once owned by Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny and a respected car collector, this is among the most iconic Ferraris of all time, and one of only 280 of its kind.

1966 Ferrari 275 GTS

Source: Mathieu Heurtault | Gooding & Company

Price: $1,127,500

Created specifically for the American market, the Rosso Corsa 275 GTS, with its chic Pininfarina styling, was only made between 1964 and 1966. This specific example was delivered to the West Coast in the Spring of 1966, and has remained in the region's car-friendly weather ever since. Winner of a FCA Platinum Award and Best in Class at Ferrari's 60th Anniversary Concours at Fiorano, it is one of the finest examples of the 275 GTS to appear at auction in years.

1952 Ferrari 225 Sport Berlinetta 'Tuboscocca' by Vignale

Source: Darin Schnabel 2013 Courtesy RM Auctions

Price: $1,237,500

Raced extensively since it came across the Atlantic to New York in 1953, this 225 found its greatest glory in road races in Cuba, making its debut there in 1955 at the Sagua-to-Havana Rally. Restored in 1974, it now boasts an early Ferrari 250GT engine but RM Auctions has located an original 225S engine that is available for purchase to the successful bidder.

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB by Scaglietti

Source: Darin Schnabel 2013 Courtesy RM Auctions

Price: $1,375,000

Equipped as an American export with instruments in miles, this 275 GTB was delivered to New York in September 1965. A decade later, it still had less than 23,000 miles on it (though it had been repainted in red) and after two owners and an engine rehab, its odometer still reads approximately 50,000 original miles.

1969 Ferrari 365 GTC

Source: Mike Maez | Gooding & Company

Price: $1,072,500

This lipstick coral 1969 Ferrari 365 GTC was the last of its kind ever built. It was made for the glamorous Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton and delivered directly to her palace in Morocco, adorned with a small green Moroccan Royal Star on each of its doors. Driven only 13,300 miles, it includes its original leather handbook, two full tool kits and black Moroccan license plates.

1967 Ferrari 330 GTC

1966 Ferrari 330 GTC 2+2 Series
Source: Dan Savinelli 2013 Courtesy RM Auctions

Price: $506,000

For many years, only Ferrari people knew about the 330 GTC, but collectors are catching on to what many call the most driver-friendly Ferrari of its era. Nicely balancing comfort and performance, the 330 GTC is the car in your collection that most likely to be taken out and used.

1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona

Source: Mike Maez | Gooding & Company

Price: $423,500

Winner of the People's Choice award at the 2003 Amelia Island Concours, the 365 GTB/4 was designed by Pininfarina and coachbuilt by Scaglietti. It features a rare, classic front-engine V-12 Ferrari Berlinetta engine, and is even equipped with air-conditioning .

1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

Source: Mike Maez | Gooding & Company

Price: $363,000

Equipped with rare Daytona seats, flared wings, air conditioning, electric windows and finished in Rosso Chiaro, this 1974 Ferrari 246 GTS represents the high water mark of the Dino. This example is in beautiful condition with less than 48,000 miles on it.

1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

Source: Mike Maez | Gooding & Company

Price: $363,000

This particular car is a rare example of an unaltered Dino, with even its original, delicate "mouse hair" dashboard intact. Its Daytona seats, a rarity in Bianco Dinos, make it even more of a find.

1968 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2

1968 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2
Source: Corey Silvia 2013 Courtesy RM Auctions

Price: $115,500

Answering a demand for Ferraris that could accommodate four passengers, the 365 GT 2+2 was the largest and most luxurious model to date when it debuted. The Pininfarina design with a low-slung fastback was also the first Ferrari to be equipped with standard power steering and power brakes.