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Movie memorabilia that cleaned up at auctions

Hollywood Treasures - Clapper Board cover

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Movie Memorabilia That Cleaned Up at Auctions

Sometimes a movie makes such an impression that a viewer will pay a little extra to take the experience home. For most, this means buying the DVD. But for serious collectors, nothing less than a tangible piece of the film's history will do.

Such collectors have spent sums of money normally associated with new car purchases for their piece of film history. For them, a prop or some clothing is must-have memorabilia, and to secure a place above the mantel, money is no object.

Here are some items from the movies that commanded huge bids at auctions. In most cases, memorabilia from older movies fetched the highest prices, but treasures from newer ones didn't fare too badly either.

Read ahead to see's list of movie keepsakes that fetched top dollar at auctions.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 19 March 2013

Bilgehan Yilmaz | E+ | Getty Images