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The Best Jobs for 2013

The 10 Best Jobs in America

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When the going got tough in the job market in the past few years, many employees were forced to just stick it out no matter how frustrated they were about their pay or workload. Well, let's just say all that hunkering down has left many employees with cabin fever.

"Look for a new job" was one of the top new year's resolutions of 2013, with one in three employees (33 percent) telling that they were looking to jump ship this year.

Before you go blasting out the resume, you might want to take a look at the jobs landscape.

CareerCast is out with their annual list of the and 10 Worst Jobs of 2013. They took a look at 200 jobs and ranked them based on a variety of criteria, including income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and physical demands.

So, what are the best jobs?

"Overall, what you see is most of the jobs break up into two categories — high tech and health care," said Tony Lee, publisher of "A lot of the health care, and even some of the non-health care, tie in … to the aging population. Almost every one of these jobs with a couple exceptions are benefiting from aging baby boomers."

Click ahead for the 10 Best Jobs for 2013, the midlevel income and whether the job moved up or down from last year's list.

By Cindy Perman
Posted 22 April 2013