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Wall Street Whale Watching

Whale Watching

M.M. Sweet | Flickr | Getty Images

Major hedge fund managers and investment gurus—the "whales" in the Wall Street seas—are required to notify the Securities and Exchange Commission about their investment moves quarter by quarter.

Many investors pore over these notifications in the belief that the big fish have special insight into what's working and what's not in markets. After all, they became big fish somehow, right?

This past quarter the whales made a number of moves ranging from macro bets to individual stock moves and commodity plays. Some of the more notable moves are categorized and summarized in the following slideshow.

Investors be warned though. Because of reporting lags, the information regarding whale moves is somewhat dated. The first quarter ended March 31. One or all of these money mavens may have already changed their position. And whales aren't always right or may lead you astray. Captain Ahab chased a whale and look where that took him.

By CNBC's Dawn Giel and Robert Hum
Posted 16 May 2013