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Killer Tornado: Scenes From Oklahoma

A child is rescued from the debris following a devastating tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma.

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The Monster Hits

Monster. That's what they're calling the tornado that barreled through the Oklahoma City area on a spring afternoon Monday, flinging houses and cars into the air, demolishing a school and flattening neighborhoods during a 40-minute romp on the ground.

Scores were killed and injured Monday, and rescuers searched desperately for survivors, including children at the devastated Plaza Towers Elementary School in suburban Moore. Many others, like the child at left, were rescued.

The National Weather Service said the tornado was an EF4, the most powerful on the enhanced Fujita scale with winds of at least 200 mph. The agency said the tornado was at least half a mile wide.

Here are heartbreaking scenes from the monstrous storm.

By Martin Steinberg, CNBC.com, with The Associated Press and Reuters
Updated 22 May 2013