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Worst Airports for Connections

Paul O'Donnell and Daniel Bukszpan

Worst Airports for Connections

American Airlines passengers wait in line at O'Hare Airport, Chicago.
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Few phrases strike dread in the hearts of travelers like "connecting flight." Which U.S. airports have more late or missed connections than others depends mostly on the local weather and the on-time performance of the airlines that use them most frequently. Some airlines are notoriously unreliable, and some are in cities that take regular beatings from bad weather.

Whether you make your flight or not is mostly a matter of your arrival: a late departure of your connecting flight may be inconvenient, but you'll still make your next plane. Our 2013 list is based on Bureau of Transportation Statistics' ranking of the 10 major U.S. airports with the worst records for on-time arrivals for domestic flights in 2012 and in the first quarter of 2013. Read ahead to see which airports were mostly likely to make you miss your connecting flight.

— By Daniel Bukszpan and Paul O'Donnell
Posted 3 April 2012; updated 24 June 2013