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Homes of top-paid governors

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Where do the highest-paid governors live?

In the past, Homes of Governors slide shows have taken a broad look at the residences of state chief executives, from Colonial-era gems to fixer-uppers. This year, we've taken a different approach, focusing on the homes of the highest-paid governors.

Pennsylvania's Tom Corbett is the nation's top-paid governor, at $183,255. Some of his colleagues are not too far behind—44 percent make more than $140,500 a year.

The highest-paid governors have been putting at least part of their earnings into some impressive digs. Those homes often reflect the political headlines (not always favorable) we associate with statehouse power brokers.

Even though several governors' residences have seen protests in recent years, it may come as a surprise that the security upgrades to one such house on this year's list could have cost close to nine times as much as the home's market value.

Far away from the stress of balancing budgets, a governor in one of the country's most embattled states can relax in his personal home spa. For another, real estate itself has become the budget battle, with properties he owns delinquent on property taxes. There's even scandal in the home of one of the highest-paid governors, with some hefty renovation projects leading to allegations of improperly awarded city contracts.

Click ahead for a look at the homes of some top-paid U.S. governors (ranked by salary lowest to highest), and the stories behind the facades.

By CNBC's Anthony Volastro
Posted 18 July, 2013

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