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Draghi’s most memorable moments

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi.

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"Within our mandate, the ECB is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro. And believe me, it will be enough."

November 2015 marks the halfway point for Mario Draghi's time leading the European Central Bank (ECB). His four years at the helm have been eventful, with highlights including his 2012 promise to do "whatever it takes" to preserve the single currency. Then this year saw the long-awaited launch of the central bank's 1 trillion euro ($1.1 trillion) asset-buying program.

To mark his anniversary, CNBC takes a look at Draghi's most memorable moment leading the ECB, from his appointment in 2011 to the time he was "confetti bombed" at his regular media conference.

By's Katy Barnato, updated on November 6, 2015.

Emmanuel Dunand | AFP | Getty Images