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Epic Twitter Feuds

Elizabeth Andreassen, special to
Source: Twitter

The creation of Twitter in 2006 spurred a lot of confusion as to what the social media site was really all about. The tweet box, which now prompts you to "Compose new Tweet," used to ask, simply, "What are you doing?" This general question made users wonder how they could possibly come up with anything interesting or worthwhile to tweet. The whole concept was confusing and seemingly purposeless.

In the years after its creation, however, Twitter has proven to be one of the most popular forms of social media among today's generation. The site has become a vessel for the public distribution of thoughts and ideas. Consequently, the candid nature of the site has also given way to some of the most public celebrity feuds.

The appeal of Twitter partially lies in the fact that it allows ordinary society to connect with celebrities and public figures on a more personal level. But this also means that when drama arises on the site, the entire world is able to watch it unfold.

Read ahead to see some of these epic Twitter feuds.

By Elizabeth Andreassen
Posted 7 August 2013

CNBC tells the story behind the rise of Twitter, the social media giant whose 200 million active users have made it a fixture at home and around the world. Twitter Revolution arrives Wednesday, Aug. 7, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.