Shaq hopes soup investment is a slam dunk

Soup's on for Shaq
Soup's on for Shaq

From basketball to broth, the former NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal is scoring with a savory investment in The Original SoupMan. Why? According to Shaq, the company is very innovative and is going to be the first national brand to have a food truck.

It's all about maximizing potential and creating good partnerships. "I always try to be a first mover. I was an early investor in Google. I had the first verified account on Twitter," said Shaq.

Plus, he thinks the product is very good. "My favorite its lobster bisque. It's fabulous."

When asked if he misses the basketball court, Shaq says no. "I've always looked at myself as a business man who is athletic."

—By CNBC's Crystal Lau.