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John McAfee talks tech, drugs and breaking bad

John McAfee wants "Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston to play him.
Louis Lanzan | Getty Images (L) | AMC (R)

John McAfee is back in the technology game.

Should he be trusted?

McAfee is living in Portland, Ore., nearly a year after fleeing Belize to avoid questioning about the murder of a neighbor. He still insists he had nothing to do with the gunshot killing. "Belize is the murder capital of the world," he said this week. "It's a very violent, very dangerous place."

Since returning stateside, McAfee has surfaced rarely. Three months ago, he posted mocking his former anti-virus software company. Last week he had to respond to a false report that he had died of an overdose in Las Vegas. McAfee said the hoax was not a publicity stunt on his part, and that he spent a lot of time frantically contacting friends who believed he was dead.

"That's not a fun thing," he said. "I mean, I'm a prankster, but that's hardly a prank."