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The 10 richest states in America

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America's 10 richest states

The economy has slowly begun to recover over the past two years. The stock market is climbing and corporate profits have bounced back. Not to mention that last year, 2 million jobs were added, but through all of this the income of the average U.S. household has not fluctuated much, according to recently released data from the Census Bureau.

Only four U.S. states showed an increase in median annual household income from 2011 to 2012. Median household income is the amount of money earned by the household that falls exactly in the middle of pack.

The middle is a tough place to be, however, as the top 1 percent economically have recovered from the recession, but other income groups have not. According to the Census Bureau, those in bottom 80 percent of income distribution are generally making less than they had before the recession hit.

On a whole, some states have fared better than the rest, often helped by lower levels of poverty, lower unemployment and a highly educated workforce.

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—By Tony Pierce, Special to
Posted 26 Sept 2013

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