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Lamborghini's boy wonder of sales

Boy wonder of super cars

He's sold more than $1 billion of cars over the past seven years. He's the nation's largest dealer of new and used Lamborghini supercars. He's been the nation's largest Audi deal for three years running. And he's only 26.

Meet Brett David, the boy wonder of supercar sales.

As the CEO of Prestige Imports in Miami, David oversees one of the fastest-growing dealerships in the country. And while most dealers rely on tacky TV spots and newspaper ads, David has taken a different route. He relies on social media, the Internet, celebrity clients and highly unusual marketing tools, including a gold-plated Lamborghini.

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"I try to think creatively about marketing," he said. "It's really about building a brand."

Lamborghini Aventador LP-700
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

One of his most successful brand tools has been the "AU79 Project," a gold-plated Lamborghini Aventador that David drives every day to work.

"I want to show people that these are great cars to drive every day, even a gold one," he said. "I drive it every day and I love it."

The AU79 also has legions of followers around the world on Twitter and Facebook.

Before the AU79 was the "Sharpie" Lamborghini, a Gallardo colored with a Sharpie by graffitist Jona Cerwinske.

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David took over the dealership when he was 19, after his father, the owner, died of a sudden heart attack. Although his father didn't plan to leave him the business, David fought for control and has now expanded it to several times its previous size.

Brett and other Lamborghini dealers have had a banner year. Lamborghini's North America sales were up 54 percent in 2012 and are on track to continue growing in 2013. The company's Aventador model has a waiting list of more than 12 months at many dealerships, despite a price tag that starts at $400,000.

As for Brett David's expansion plans and new projects, he remains coy.

"I have a few big things planned, but nothing I can talk about quite yet."

You can watch more of Brett David's wild ride in the world of supercars—including how he sold his first Lambo to rapper Missy Elliott—on "Secret Lives of the Super Rich."

By CNBC's Robert Frank. Follow him on Twitter: @robtfrank.

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