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New dress code horrifies investment bankers

Claran Griffin | Lifesize | Getty Images

You wake up on a Friday afternoon still a bit hungover from a colleague's bon voyage party. He's either going to a hedge fund or an internet start-up. Someone said it's actually a coffee start-up. Or maybe a coffee hedge fund. You forget.

It's Friday but you suit up anyway. Casual Friday had its moment in the early oughts but faded sometime just before the financial crisis. You're glad. You never looked that good in khakis and a polo shirt anyway.

So while you trudge off for the subway, you pass some kid in sneakers, blue jeans, a T-shirt and a hoodie. Another damn start-up kid who can afford to cab it to work instead of taking the subway like a normal human being. Or maybe he works for Google or Facebook.

Guess what? You could be wrong.