Americans prefer hemorrhoids, witches and fungus to Congress

Robert Ferris, Special to CNBC.com
Furloughed federal workers protest outside the Capitol on Oct. 4
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Congress may be deadlocked and polarized, but ordinary Americans — Democrats, Republicans and independents — almost equally agree on one thing: they like Congress less than hemorrhoids.


Some 85% of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing, and they have a higher opinion of witches, hemorrhoids, and cockroaches, according to a survey released by the Public Policy Polling Institute on October 8.

Pollsters gave a sample of registered voters a thirty-one question survey asking them to compare the legislature with a number of other potentially unpleasant or annoying phenomena.

Categories ranged from controversial individuals to more abstract concepts like Wall Street and hipsters (both of which earned higher praise than legislators).

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Trading the shutdown
Trading the shutdown

Overall, those surveyed preferred a range of annoyances to the House and Senate, including jury duty, toenail fungus, zombies, public radio fundraising drives, and potholes.

Even the DMV and the IRS are more popular.

However, America's senators and representatives are not exactly at the bottom of the pile.

Americans still dislike Miley Cyrus and her twerking a bit more, for now, and would still take Congress over Vladimir Putin or serial killer Charles Manson.

Anthony Weiner is still also quite unpopular.

The survey did not account for combinations of factors, such as whether Americans would prefer Congress to a witch with hemorrhoids or twerking at the DMV. There also were some undecided on certain issues.

For example, about 13% of those surveyed could not choose between Congress and dog poop.