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‘Are you lazy or just incompetent?': Behind Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos
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If you don't know what a nutter is, you probably don't work at Amazon.

For an upcoming book, one Bloomberg BusinessWeek writer interviewed hundreds of current and former Amazon employees to provide a glimpse of the company's operations and shed some light on the detailed oriented CEO, chairman and founder Jeff Bezos.

If an employee does not meet Bezos's exacting standards, a nutter can result, reports the writer in an excerpt from his book, The Everything Store.

"If an employee does not have the right answers or tries to bluff, or takes credit for someone else's work, or exhibits a whiff of internal politics, uncertainty, or frailty in the heat of battle — a blood vessel in Bezos's forehead bulges and his filter falls away," according to the excerpt.

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A few resulting Bezos snippets, compiled in the book are especially harsh, including:

"Are you lazy or just incompetent?"

"I'm sorry, did I take my stupid pills today?"

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