Secret Lives of the Super Rich
Secret Lives of the Super Rich

Meet the Ferrari guru who turns rusted metal into millions

Ferrari guru turns rusted metal into millions

You might not expect billionaires to be lining up in their private jets to fly into Neenah, Wis., but they are. The man they want to meet with is Wayne Obry, one of the top Ferrari restorers in the country and his garage, Motion Products, has a year-and-a- half long waiting list just to get your car in the front door.

There are very few things in the world that money can't buy, but it cannot get your Ferrari to the front of the line at Wayne's garage—even if you're a billionaire.

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"Just because you have a couple of bucks, you can influence what we're doing? You can change the commitments I've made to my other billionaire customers? Doesn't happen," Wayne explained.

Image source: CNBC

But Wayne's restorations are so good, his clients don't mind the wait. Wayne is a Ferrari magician. He can turn junkyard-worth hunks of metal into multimillion-dollar award-winning works of art.

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Wayne is a humble guy and doesn't like to talk about money, but the average cost for a full restoration can be half a million dollars or more. Most collectors bring their Ferraris to Wayne for restoration because it's their hobby ... they aren't looking to flip the car for a profit.

But, one of Wayne's restorations, a 1953 Ferrari 340/375 MM recently sold at auction for $12.8 million—that's a pretty hefty pay out ... even for the super rich.

—By CNBC's Jessi Joseph.

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