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A glass of Meow-lot? Japan launches wine for cats

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It's all-too tempting to unwind after a hard day's work with a glass of wine and now your cat can join you. A Japanese drinks company is launching its latest attention-grabbing product: Wine for cats.

"Nyan Nyan Nouveau" is a non-alcoholic wine for cats being launched by Japanese specialty drinks manufacturer B&H Lifes, according to the various media reports across the internet.

A 180ml bottle of "Nyan Nyan" ("nyan nyan" in the Japanese equivalent of "miaow miaow") will set you back 399 yen ($4.10) and is the newest addition to a line of non-alcoholic beer, wine and sake already on sale for dogs.

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The chief executive of B&H Lifes said it was created in response to requests from cat owners. "Cat owners were complaining there was no gift they could give their pets, while dogs could get sunglasses, raincoats, and boots," Masahito Tsurumi is cited as saying in media reports.

However, the wine's ingredients – catnip, vitamin C and Cabernet grape juice – seem to be of dubious appeal to its target market. Indeed, only one in 10 cats were willing to taste the wine during tests, B&H Lifes found.

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"Even though cats may not drink the wine, owners still want it for them," Tsurumi told media, acknowledging that cats generally show little interest in liquids with unusual flavors.

"It's just like a grandmother buying an unwanted toy for a grandchild."

Tsurimi said he founded the company that specializes in drinks for pets as Japan's human population declined and aged. "We wondered where our future growth would come from if there are fewer consumers in Japan. So we said: 'Let's sell our products to dogs.'"

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Perhaps knowing that its consumers are less than impressed with the tipple, however, only 1,000 bottles of the wine were produced. Bottles will hit supermarket shelves in mid-November, the company said.

- By CNBC's Holly Ellyatt, follow her on Twitter @HollyEllyatt