Serial entrepreneur finds gold in North Dakota oil boom

Lots of feast, little famine in the Bakken
Lots of feast, little famine in the Bakken

Sometimes serendipity happens in the strangest places. Case in point: Williston, N.D.

We flew into the Bakken boomtown and needed a place to do our TV show the next day. We found a hot new restaurant and asked if we could film there. They were more than happy to oblige, and the coolest thing was that the owner was a guy we probably should have heard of before.

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His name is Marcus Jundt, CEO of Williston Holding Co., which owns the Williston Brewing Co.—the spot we did the show from—and three other restaurants in town.

But Jundt is more than the owner of a couple of local joints. He co-founded the publicly traded Kona Group and is one of the early investors in Caribou Coffee, also a public company.

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We figured we needed to learn more about this guy, who moved from Minneapolis to find a new fortune in the oil boom. So we sat down with him for a beer. Watch the video above to see how it went!

—By CNBC's Brian Sullivan. Follow him on Twitter @SullyCNBC