There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere

And the ‘Funniest Person in Finance’ is …

Caliph Scott, who will now insist you refer to him as Mr. "Funniest Person in Finance" when asking him to fix your computer.
Cindy Perman | CNBC

Wall Street came out in full force Wednesday night at Gotham Comedy Club to find out who the "Funniest Person in Finance" was.

Everyone brought their A game and no topic was safe, from Google to the way hedge-fund managers laugh — though it took a little while to loosen up this Wall Street crowd.

"Are you worried about laughing at the wrong sh-- — worried you might have to go to HR?" asked host Ryan Reiss.

(Based on the tepid laughter early on, the awkward reluctance to answer the host's hey-sir-where-are-you-from questions and one death stare from a guy from New Jersey, I'd say yes.)

The finalists included everyone from financial advisors, portfolio man