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Game plan: Retail earnings Cramer wouldn’t miss

Cramer sees a positive read on the consumer

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With stocks making new all time highs on Friday for the third day in a row, Cramer says there's no better time to scour the market and look for new information that can confirm the strength.

And what better way to get a read on what's happening, than by examining earnings, especially those released by retailers who sell into the farthest corners of the economy.

Following are the quarterly releases as well as other catalysts that Cramer will be watching in the week ahead.


On Monday, Cramer will immerse himself in's annual DreamForce conference. "It's become the mecca conference for all of information technology, where social, mobile and the cloud all come together and I'm taking Mad Money on location for the event," Cramer said.

Also, reports earnings on Monday. " has out-earned pretty much every company in the cohort, and I bet they will do it again. I can see the stock going much higher," Cramer said.

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On Tuesday electronics, home improvement and athletic apparel all come into focus.

"First is Best Buy, which has transformed from an ugly duckling into beautiful swan in less than a year. I think these earnings will show the turn continues. Also Home Depot reports. "I bet we get an even better quarter than last time, and that one was a barnburner."

In addition, Cramer will point an ear toward Dick's Sporting Goods. "Dick's gives a terrific view into what's selling. Last time they called out Under Armour and the stock took off."


Wednesday looks like a busy day, too. First Cramer wants to hear from JC Penney. "I follow this one by looking at the highly sensitive preferred stock, which has been really strong of late, something that portends good things for the common stock. However, I'm not a fan, although I recognize it could go higher."

After that, another retailer will steal the spotlight. "Staples reports next Wednesday and I'm paying much closer attention than usual now that the Office Depot-Office Max deal has closed. I'm presuming that we could see some closings of overlapping stores from that newly formed competitor, which should relieve some of the price pressure in the industry."

"We also get results from Williams-Sonoma, which I think fits into the pattern of home improvement winners. That said, this stock often trades down when it reports and then comes back with a vengeance a few days later. I think this time could be no different."

Elsewhere in the market Cramer worries that investors could be facing some disappointments. "Deere continually lets people down. I'm worried it could happen again." Also ADT could disappoint. "It's facing tough competition from AT&T and Cox Communications, which are offering their own home security plans, something I believe is causing a price war in the industry."

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Get some rest, Thursday looks like a bear -- or maybe a bull.

First, teen retail will come into focus as Abercrombie & Fitch reports earnings. "If CEO Michael Jeffries says he'll be retiring when his contract comes up for renewal at the end of the year expect a ten percent pop in the stock—yep, that's how much it would be worth to ANF if he leaves, at the very least," Cramer said.

Also, Dollar Tree reports earnings. "I think we'll get a very strong number. Remember, earlier this week Wal-Mart delivered a lackluster number, and I believe that's in part because the dollar stores are nipping at Wal-Mart's heels."

After that, Cramer will also be playing video games. "GameStop reports, too, and even though this stock is already up 120% for the year, I believe 2014 will be even better thanks to all of the new video game consoles."

Beyond that, Cramer will be keeping an eye out for Target. "I'm hoping that Target exceeds Wal-Mart in terms of expectations. However, I'm also worried that it will falls into the have-nots camp of retailers. "

Wait, there's more. "I also want you to keep an eye out for Vince's, a specialty apparel retailer that's coming. I think it's definitely worth trying to get a piece of Vince's on the deal, even if it's just a hundred shares."


Again a slew of retailers report earnings.

"The first is Foot Locker, which I think will tell a good story. However, I would rather have you in Nike, which should tell an even better one," Cramer said.. "Then there's ANN, parent of Ann Taylor. Women's apparel has just gotten too hard."

Finally, Cramer is looking for the week to end with a whimper – that is, PetSmart reports earnings. "Wall Street has almost uniformly turned against the company. I think a disappointing number will be reported, even as I believe the long-term pro pet secular trend is still intact."

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