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Cramer’s 4 ‘go-to’ names thru year-end

The four horseman of pharma

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If you can move somewhat swiftly, Jim Cramer thinks 4 stocks present opportunity right here, right now. "My four horsemen of Pharma are not only coming back, they are flying," said the "Mad Money" host. They are Biogen Idec, Celgene, Gilead and Regeneron.

Despite recent pullbacks, Cramer thinks there are some big tailwinds blowing that could drive these high fliers even further.

1. All four companies have had positive developments involving new and promising drugs with a spate of new approvals coming from overseas

- Biogen: " has just gotten a nod from a European committee for its novel Tecfidera pill to combat multiple sclerosis," Cramer explained.

- Gilead: " recently received approval from a key European medical agency that supports its marketing of a pill for chronic hepatitis C, a hugely problematic chronic disease," Cramer said

- Celgene: " just got a European panel approval for the sale of a drug called Abraxane to be used to combat pancreatic cancer," noted Cramer. "There had been plenty of skeptics about Abraxane. Now the skeptics are being proven wrong."

- Regeneron: " just got approval to market Eylea for macular edema in Japan," Cramer said. "Also Regeneron has a new anti-cholesterol drug that can be used for all who can't tolerate traditional statin treatment."

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2. In the current environment where signs of economic weakness endure, Cramer believes pros will seek out pockets of growth, anywhere and everywhere they can. And with plenty of potentially life changing drugs in the pipeline, all four companies listed above have the potential to grow substantially.

3. Money managers looking to add winners to their portfolios for the sake of window dressing will likely seek out stocks that have made substantial gains year to date. Cramer's 4 horseman of pharma have all made significant advances. Biogen Idec is up 93% ytd, Celgene is up 107% ytd, Gilead is 103% ytd and Regeneron is up 70% ytd

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All told, Cramer believes these catalysts should conspire to drive shares higher. Therefore, "I would buy all four of these stocks at current levels, despite recent advances," said Cramer. "I believe they will be anointed as go-to names for the rest of 2013."

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