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Tired of clutter? Coin consolidates all your credit cards into one device

Erika Santoro
Coin: A 'connected' currency

A new start-up company has launched a Bluetooth low-energy connect card device that can store a number of swipeable cards, such as credit cards, gift cards and membership cards. Coin is a nonrechargeable device with a battery life of two years and can be used anywhere that regular credit cards are accepted.

Coin is tapping into the market by appealing to people's need for organizing and keeping track of the various cards that are in their possession into a single storage media.

According to the developers of Coin, users can load their cards on to the device's mobile app by using the card-swipe dongle that connects to their smartphone or tablet. Once the cards are loaded, the user no longer needs the mobile app or their smartphone for the Coin to work, unless they want to manage, add or delete existing cards.

Consumers can choose the card they want to use for a particular transaction by just tapping a button on the device's digital screen.

Source: Coin

Coin developers say this device is safe and will securely store your financial cards. One of the security features includes an alert via your mobile app to your smartphone if you leave your Coin behind. It is also set to disable itself if you should lose it.

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Pre-order cost of the device is $50 plus $5 shipping and handling; there is also a special discount offer of $5 off for every friend a user refers. After the pre-order period, Coin will retail for $100. Coin is expected to ship its first batch in summer 2014.

—By CNBC's Erika Santoro.

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