2,014 in 2014 for S&P 500 suddenly a popular call

2,014 in 2014 for S&P 500 suddenly a popular call

Whether it's just Wall Street market experts getting cute or there's something more scientific at play, the idea that the S&P 500 will finish 2014 at, yes, 2,014 has gained another convert.

Adam Parker, the chief market strategist at Morgan Stanley, just raised his target for the index next year nearly 10 percent from the original 1,840. He joins John Stoltzfus at Oppenheimer, who two weeks ago issued the first "2,014 in 2014" call.

Both projections suggest not merely a convenient and catchy forecast but also a decidedly bullish bent that the market can build on the momentum of a year—with nearly a month of trading left—where a 30 percent gain is not out of the question.

"Since last March, we have been sanguine on U.S. equities," Parker said in a note to clients. "Our logic has been driven more by lack of a bear case than the strength of the base case."

In the Stoltzfus call, he arrived at the number as a midpoint between two models the firm uses to project market price points.