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Canada: Syrup, hockey and stock opportunity

Oh, Canada, we pick our stocks from thee!

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If you're looking for some new stocks ideas, Jim Cramer thinks you should grab a compass and look north.

The Mad Money host sees an environment taking shape in Canada that could be ideal for business success. That is, he's seeing early signs that suggest the nation is beginning to experience a virtuous economic ripple which includes stronger consumer spending and.

"This is big news," Cramer added. Canada's economy had been trudging along at subpar levels for quite some time. "In turn, the Canadian stock market has been a real dog. It's underperformed the S&P 500 for the last three years. "

If Canada's economy is starting to percolate, Cramer thinks the profits at many Canada-based companies could soon percolate too.

Following are 7 companies that Cramer thinks warrant attention, now.

Canada Eh!
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Shaw Communications: Based in Calgary, Shaw provides 3.3 million customers with cable TV, high-speed internet, phone and satellite service," Cramer said. And with a strong consumer, Cramer believes the company will likely experience an uptick in business. "Now, Shaw's stock got hit after it reported an earnings miss in late October, but the revenues were better than expected, and much of the weakness in earnings came from a host of one-time expenses. I think you've got a terrific entry point here, as the stock is now trading at an 8% discount to its U.S. based peers."

Rogers Communications: Another Canadian cable company, Cramer likes the portfolio of media assets owned by Rogers. It includes TV, radio and publishing, along with a baseball team, The Toronto Blue Jays. "Now, Rogers is down 3% for the year on fears that Verizon might enter into the Canadian market, but so far that hasn't happened, and even if it does, I think it's already baked into the stock. Meanwhile, Rogers just got a new CEO, Guy Laurence, who's a real hands on operator from Vodafone, and I think he can help the company grow."

Bank of Nova Scotia: "If you're looking for a growth bank, I suggest Bank of Nova Scotia," Cramer said. "BNS may be based in Canada, but this is really a global bank, one that gets half of its business from foreign countries, particularly emerging markets in Latin America." It should be noted that Cramer is a strategic buyer. "Bank of Nova Scotia reports on Friday, so you might want to wait until after the quarter," he said.

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Bank of Montreal: Cramer thinks the recent pullback presents a big opportunity in Bank of Montreal. "The problem? Bank of Montreal saw an increase in loan losses in Canada and the United States, and their trading business was weaker," Cramer explained. However, he added, "the company beat on both earnings and revenues, and they raised the dividend, and they announced a substantial buyback. After the pullback, I think the stock is a steal."

Royal Bank of Canada: Cramer said this bank was somewhat like the Goldman Sachs of Canada. "Royal Bank of Canada is a bit riskier because it's more focused on capital markets, but I think it represents good value here with a 3.9% yield." Earnings may provide a catalyst. "If shares fall after the quarter, do the homework and see if you've got a buying opportunity on your hands."

Toronto-Dominion Bank: As the second largest bank in Canada, Cramer said Toronto-Dominion is a 'nice, well-run, conservative bank, with a solid 3.6% yield.' He also suggests watching earnings on Thursday and then, "if TD pulls back you might just have an excellent entry point, but read the release and listen to the conference call before you pull the trigger."

Ritchie Brothers: The world's largest industrial auctioneers, Ritchie Brothers conducts live auctions, selling a range of used and new equipment for business ranging from construction and transportation to agriculture, energy and more. In a competitive economy Cramer thinks this company stands to win business. "The stock sells for 22.8 times next year's earnings estimates, with a 15.3% long-term growth rate, and while that's not exactly cheap, it's not expensive either, and I bet Ritchie Brothers has more room to run."

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