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Does market stink to high heaven?

Asset class choosing 'dead wrong': Cramer

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For some investors, the market just doesn't pass the smell test.

That is, with another debt debate on the horizon and the Fed likely to begin tapering soon, the current advance in stocks smells, well fishy.

Jim Cramer however believes investors should hold their noses.

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The "Mad Money" host recognizes that there are headwinds but he believes tailwinds are brewing and he says they're massive.

That is, Cramer believes the economy is about to flip into high gear and when that happens he expects earnings to soar and drive the next leg of the bull market.

And Cramer says his optimism isn't simply a byproduct of wishful thinking – he believes signs are starting to manifest that confirm his outlook.

"Last week, we saw mutli-national companies report earnings that weren't manufactured by cost cuts," Cramer noted. "Rather they were generated by higher sales overlaid on a leaner organization. That's where we are now."

Cramer believes other companies will soon post similar results in many different areas of the market.

"When that occurs the market can really gallop." Therefore, Cramer thinks the time to buy is now.

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"Every time we've been in this situation, it's been an explosive time for the market but you had to invest in the early stages in order to reap the biggest gains," Cramer said.

In other words, you had to anticipate and hold your nose.

"Wait for the market to smell good? If you do, you'll likely miss a great deal of the move," Cramer said.

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