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A holiday gift guide for the cigar novice

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Sometimes a cigar is just a ... good gift

A good cigar can be a good gift choice for just about any guy on your list this year. So stop trying so hard to figure out what he really wants. Even nonsmokers like to play the cigar-smoking part every so often—say, at a poker game with buddies or while brandishing a goblet of Scotch. As holiday season runs short on time, a cigar can make your shopping burden a little lighter, too. But maybe you don't even know where to begin when it comes to the stogies in the tobacconist's humidor. There are some great gift options for everyone, from the cigar novice to the aficionado. But first, a little snooping is in order.

Cigars come in a variety of sizes (both lengths and diameters, called ring gauge—the higher the number, the bigger the cigar). They also range in strength from mild to full and in sizes from short and thin to fat and long. There are also infused cigars. If you are buying for a cigar aficionado, you need to find out what cigars he or she prefers—mild, medium or full—and notice how big the cigars are.

The following cigar gifts focus on many of the newest lines to hit the market in the past year and are either available online (though shipping times and price may vary site to site) or at your local tobacconist shop.

By Frank Seltzer, Special to
Posted 13 December 2013

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