After scandal, SAC alums raising piles of cash

The SAC connection

The SAC Capital Advisors brand starts 2014 severely sullied, but that negative reputation hasn't stopped recent alums of the firm from raising piles of cash.

Investors have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into hedge funds run by Jason Karp, Aaron Cowen and James "Jos" Shaver, for example, and more is on the way. Together, they make up a class of successful recent fund launches, easily powering through any negative connotation the SAC association has on their resume.

Their success also points to other potentially successful spin-offs as the parent firm downsizes and transitions to a family office for billionaire founder Steven A. Cohen.

"Investors know it's not fair to paint everyone from SAC with the same brush. They're much more focused on merit to figure out who is a good candidate to invest with or hire," said Sasha Jensen, founder of hedge fund-focused recruiting firm HFE Search. "Having SAC on your resume isn't a black mark."