What’s Net Neutrality? What Happened to Net Neutrality Yesterday? What Happens Next? A Q&A for the Rest of Us

Appeals court strikes down FCC 'net neutrality' rules

Net neutrality is dead, and the Internet is in peril.

Or, maybe: Net neutrality is dead, and the Internet will be fine.

Or, perhaps: Net neutrality is threatened, but can be saved.

Or maybe none, or all, of the above?

You can be forgiven if you looked at the coverage of yesterday's net neutrality court decision, and can't figure out what to think — beyond the fact that it seemed like a big deal. (Cough. Me too!)

So here to help is Susan Crawford, a law professor with an intense interest in the subject, and the ability to help the rest of us make sense of it.

Read the full Q and A on Recode.

By Peter Kafka,

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