Baidu map tracks largest seasonal migration on earth

Baidu Migrate map captures the popular tourist routes during the 2014 Chinese New Year holiday period in China. The holiday is the largest seasonal migration on earth with 3.65 billion trips taken.

China's largest internet search engine Baidu – often referred to as the Google of the East - has launched a heat map which captures the largest global seasonal migration on earth.

Chinese officials estimate that some 3.65 billion journeys will be made over the 40-day travel period associated with the Chinese New Year festival.

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The map was created using data generated by smart phone users using the Baidu Maps application. The app has 200 million registered users and logs 3.5 million location requests each day, according to media reports.

The interactive map is updated every four to eight hours.

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The top destination for Chinese New Year is...

The 'Baidu Migrate' map captures the popular tourist routes during this period and the most popular destinations and routes of origin.

According to the map, the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and the southern metropolis of Guangzhou had the most departures late on Tuesday morning.

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Meanwhile, the top three destinations were the Chinese capital of Beijing, Chongquing in the Southwest and Hengyang, a transport hub in central China, which connects to smaller towns.

The thicker, brighter lines represent the busiest routes.

Chinese New Year starts on Friday and for many Chinese people the holiday offers the only chance to see their families all year.

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To view the live map, click here.

By CNBC's Katie Holliday: Follow her on Twitter @hollidaykatie