Interests of the Goodell family range far beyond the NFL

Charles E. Goodell, patriarch of the Goodell family, in January 1970
Bill Peters | The Denver Post | Getty Images

Super Bowl XLVIII, between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, is coming to New York on Feb. 2—the year's biggest entertainment event, in the country's largest media market.

At the center is Roger Goodell, who has helped solidify football's place as a cultural juggernaut since becoming commissioner of the National Football League in 2006. His story is well-known. A jock who attended Washington & Jefferson College, he joined the NFL in 1982 as an administrative intern and worked his way to the top.

But few are aware that he comes from a family that includes a maverick U.S. senator, the chief operating officer of a major hedge fund firm and the general counsel of a Fortune 100 company.