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The scientist in the oil patch

You might not think that energy and cutting edge science go together. But they do.

Cramer says they're very closely linked.

It's because of scientific breakthroughs that energy companies are able to extract oil and nat gas from places that were completely inaccessible just a short time ago.

Also, because of new science, fields that were considered extremely mature now promise to yield enough energy to sustain our nation for many, many years to come.

Cramer believes these advances are significant they could lead to widespread prosperity and energy independence in North America as soon as 2020.

And at the epicenter of this theme sits Core Labs.

A gas flare is seen at an oil well near Williston, North Dakota.
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"See, Core has the best science in the business," Cramer explained. Because of that science, "Clients of Core Labs are able to get more crude out of the ground over the life of a reservoir. Also clients use the science to determine where to drill to harvest the absolute maximum yield."

The science is so groundbreaking it's transforming entire regions.

Perhaps the ultimate example of Core Labs technology at work is in the Spraberry Wolfcamp formation; the new technology could make this Texas oil field the second largest oil field in the world.

"It's only behind a giant field in Saudi Arabia," revealed Core Labs CEO David Demshur on Mad Money.

That's huge.

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And Cramer thinks at times such as these, when panic sweeps across the market at a moment's notice, stocks such as Core Labs warrant attention.

"When everyone's panicking about some overseas crisis, I always tell you to fall back on a long-term theme," Cramer said. "Domestic energy independence is one of my favorite themes and Core Labs is a great way to play it."

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