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Cramer’s game plan: Opportunities in week ahead

Employment number could tamper market: Cramer

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On Friday investors couldn't help but wonder if the sentiment on the Street was starting to shift in a big way.

By the end of trade both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 had again closed lower, making January the worst month for the stock market since May 2012.

Meanwhile bond prices rose on Friday with benchmark yields falling to their lowest level in over two months.

It appears that emerging market woes have spooked the Street into defensive mode with volatility also spiking the most since May 2012.

Adding to concerns, the latest jobs number comes out on Friday; investors are still reeling from the last report which showed the economy added 74,000 jobs. Economists had expected 200,000. Many worry that a pall may linger over the Street until the new data is released on Friday morning

Nonetheless, Jim Cramer believes there's always opportunity in the market. You simply have to know where to look.

Following are the earnings, economic releases and other important developments that Cramer thinks could make you money in the week ahead.

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Cramer will be looking for a rotation into higher yielding conservative stocks when AmeriGas reports on Monday. "AmeriGas is the kind of stock I like to own when Treasury rates go as low as they have these last few weeks," Cramer said. "And as one of the nation's largest propane retailers, it's to their benefit that propane is finally in short supply."

Cramer will also be listening to results from Sysco. "This food service company is acquiring its largest competitor. As a result, I think we're looking at an environment where its customers, namely restaurants, will have to pay Sysco more for its services."


High yielders will again be on the radar Tuesday as Clorox reports. "Now, in this market, when traders smell weakness in the economy, they usually buy the higher yielding packaged goods companies. It hasn't happened yet, though, so I can't wait to see the reaction when Clorox reports."

Also Cramer will be closely watching results from Hain and Gilead. "You know what? I would buy them both ahead of the quarter, and I'm particularly partial to Gilead because of its HEP C franchise."


Cramer will be watching for signs of growth on Wednesday when Yelp and Twitter report earnings. "All I can say about these two is that they must be valued, not by this quarter, but by the next few years, and I think that's good news for both of them. I don't believe either one is in the same league as Facebook or Google, few are, but I'm still a huge fan of Yelp, and I think Twitter's a cult stock that people will love no matter what."

Also Cramer will be sifting through results from Merck. "It's become sainted again, the go-to pharma where people expect a major restructuring to be announced," Cramer said.

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In addition Disney earnings will command Cramer's attention. "Disney's got a history of going down right after it reports," Cramer said. "If you're a buyer, I'd wait to pull the trigger."


Camer-fave Perrigo reports on Thursday. "This company makes generic over-the-counter drugs," Cramer explained. "I see it as a play on frugality, a favorite theme of mine. However, it should be noted that historically Perrigo has tended to go down after it reports. If that happens Thursday, I'd view it as an opportunity," said Cramer.

Two Internet darlings will also take center stage on Thursday, LinkedIn and OpenTable. "I bet Linked-In pulls an upset and delivers, but I'm in total wait and see mode for OpenTable," Cramer said.


Perhaps nothing is more important next week, than the jobs number that's released before the bell on Friday.

"Everything will be viewed through the prism of Friday's employment number," Cramer explained. "This number has the ability to repeal any gains or drive an advance."

As noted above, The Street is still reeling from the last jobs report which showed the economy added 74,000 jobs. Economists had expected 200,000.

"I can tell you that based on my research one weak employment report can be dismissed as long as it's followed by a strong one, but if we get two bad reports in a row, then we'll see some real weakness in the stock market."

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