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St. Jude CEO: New device will revolutionize the field

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Jim Cramer usually recommends letting reason be your guide. But in this case, it's may be ok to follow your heart.

That's because the stock currently on Cramer's radar is St. Jude Medical, a maker of medical devices that help repair a broken ticker.

And in this case, Cramer thinks the price action is quite telling.

Specifically is up about .05% for the year.

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That might not seem very impressive but the stock market is a relative beast and comparatively it's far superior to many peers.

"St. Jude roared 72% higher last year," Cramer noted." And it hasn't given up any of those gains. In fact, it's ever so slightly higher."

In other words, the stock made a sizable advance and then held those levels when so many other stocks soll-off.

As far as Cramer is concerned, that's good price action. And he thinks it confirms the company's fundamental outlook.

That is, "as a maker of cardiovascular devices such implantable defibrillators, pacemakers, guidewires, vascular plugs, drug eluting stents, and heart valve replacements, the products made by this company will be in great demand as the population grows older."

Cramer thinks also tell a bullish story, though it might not be apparent if you only look at the headline numbers.

"The headline numbers were okay: a one-cent earnings beat off of a 98-cent basis, with in-line revenues and basically in-line guidance," Cramer said.

"The key here, though, is that beneath those headline numbers, there were some very positive developments. For example, the company took 50 basis points of market share in the cardiac rhythm management business, and they also talked about new product launches coming in cardiovascular devices and atrial fibrillation that could boost sales this year."

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Looking at the fundamentals as well as the price action, Cramer believes that path of least resistance should be higher.

"This stock has already generated a quick 9.3% gain since mid-October, but I think might have more room to run," he said.

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