Fujitsu develops tablet with sensory touchscreen

Bonnie Cha
Fujitsu Develops Tablet With Sensory Touchscreen.
Source: Fujitsu

You can always count on Fujitsu to show off some interesting tech at Mobile World Congress. Last year, it was a GPS cane. This year, a touchy-feely tablet. Let me explain.

The company has developed a prototype tablet with new haptic technology that allows you to feel different textures on the touchscreen. For example, if you were to drag your finger over a picture of your beach vacation, you'd be able to feel the grains of sand, or you could run you finger over your beach towel and feel the softness of the fabric.

If this sounds familiar, that's because Fujitsu isn't the first to try this. Other companies, such as Senseg and Immersion, offer similar technologies using electrical components to simulate the feeling of different textures.

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