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Five themes Putin can’t trample into submission

Bought, not sold on Monday's pullback: Cramer

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Events in Ukraine appear to be improving, but they could easily take another turn for the worse.

And if they do, Jim Cramer wants you to be ready.

Therefore, the "Mad Money" host recommends keeping an eye on stocks that benefit from the themes outlined below.

As powerful as Putin is, The "Mad Money" host just doesn't think the President of Russia is powerful enough to keep down these themes for very long.

So, if shares selloff amid the next Putin-induced frenzy, get ready to make your move. "You may be able to pick up some terrific bargains," Cramer said.

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Theme #1: Trinity of social, mobile and cloud

"Did the Ukraine crisis somehow thwart the process of connectivity," asked Jim Cramer. "I don't think so."

That is, Cramer doesn't think overseas aggression does anything to compromise the growth potential facing Facebook, Google and others companies that leverage the theme of social, mobile and cloud computing.

If these stocks selloff due to an unexpected turn of events, Cramer would be a strategic buyer.

Theme #2: Biotech

"Is a scientific breakthrough in cancer research Ukraine sensitive? Nope."

Biotech is all about pipeline, and Cramer doesn't think the promising new medicines and treatments currently in development will be derailed by anything that Russia may say or do.

Therefore, if Gilead, Celgene, Regeneron and Biogen selloff due to overseas aggression, Cramer plans to ignite some dry powder of his own. He'll look to buy.

Theme #3: Domestic oil & gas revolution

Unless aggression turns into a full blown revolution overseas, it won't compare to the revolution already underway here in the U.S. – well in the U.S. oil patch.

"Could this be damaged by the Russian army's incursion into Ukraine? Hardly. In fact, the oil and gas stocks benefit from tensions between Russia and Western Europe."

In the past Cramer has recommended countless ways to leverage the theme but on Tuesday he suggested playing it with Continental Resources, "the biggest landowner in the Bakken shale."

Theme #4: New frugality

Cramer says this theme is actually stoked by events in Ukraine because the resulting anxiety tends to make consumers more price conscious.

"We are more, not less, likely to buy generics," Cramer said. And therefore Cramer will be more and not less likely to buy stocks such as Perrigo, a maker of generic drugs.

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Theme #5: Healthy eating

"Do you think that health takes a vacation when Putin stares down the Ukrainian government? Do tensions between the Russian and Ukrainian armies suddenly cause us to drink soda and eat fattening food? No, of course not," Cramer said.

Therefore, if market anxiety drags down stocks such as WhiteWave Foods or Chipotle, Cramer's appetite for these names will grow proportionately.

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