Facebook HQ evacuated after suspected threat

Onathan Nackstrand | AFP | Getty Images

The headquarters of social media giant Facebook in Northern California were evacuated late on Tuesday after a suspected threat to the company caused the group to contact police.

The company's Menlo Park campus, at "1 Hacker Way" was cordoned off and searched by police officers, who later gave the all-clear. The threat was later deemed "non-credible" by local police, who could not reveal the nature or details of the threat.

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Facebook employees were shuttled home after the threat was called in at around 7pm local time (10 pm ET) according to local newspaper San Jose Mercury News. The event was widely documented over social networks including Twitter:

twitter 1

twitter 2

twitter 3

More than 6,000 people work at the former Sun Microsystems site, but it wasn't clear how many were at the headquarters at the time.

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