NBA superstar quickly deletes tweet knocking Samsung


LeBron James isn't happy with Samsung's Next Big Thing.

The four-time NBA MVP took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to voice his discontent with his mobile device, presumably a Samsung device, given that James is a company spokesman.

"My phone just erased everything it had in it and rebooted," James tweeted to his 12 million followers, adding that it was "one of the sickest feelings" he's ever had in his life.

Minutes later, the tweet was deleted. James posted two additional tweets in an attempt to brush the gaffe under the digital rug.

(See LeBron's second tweet.)

(See LeBron's third tweet.)

But when you're the 55th most followed Twitter user in the world, deleting an infamous tweet may give your post even more exposure.

"Close call. Wheew! Got all my info back," tweeted James later in the hour. "Gamer! Lol."

Is Samsung laughing, though?

A Samsung spokeswoman told CNBC that "everything has been recovered" and LeBron "didn't lose anything."

By CNBC's Eli Langer. Follow him on Twitter at @EliLanger. Ryan Ruggiero contributed to this article.