US market looks tired, in need of pullback: Expert

US market looks tired: Expert

Days after the bull market turned 5 years old, Prudential Financial's Quincy Krosby said the market is tired and in desperate need of a pullback.

"You're not going to get new buyers to come in if the markets keep going up. You got to get a nice pullback," Krosby said Wednesday on CBNC's "Squawk Box."

She said the current bull ride "seems artificial" and the recent 6 percent correction in the markets gave investors a glimpse of normalcy.

"We need some more of that," she said.

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According to Krosby, most of her firm's clients are nervous because they "don't want to feel like a fool coming in at the top of the market and then knowing that the 'smart money' has pulled back."

Krosby said a few "normal corrections during the year may give us a better close" at the end of the year, but not if the market doesn't pull back.

—By CNBC's Karma Allen.