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Craft beer growth jumps again

Egor Mopanko | E+ | Getty Images

The Brewers Association, the trade group representing "small and independent American craft brewers" is out with its annual review of the craft beer industry. While the numbers are preliminary, the group is once again reporting volume and sales are at record levels.

Specifically, the Brewers Association reports craft brewers saw an 18 percent rise in volume, representing a total of 15.6 million barrels, and a 20 percent increase in retail dollar value.

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According to the group's estimates, craft brewers now account for 7.8 percent of the total U.S. beer market (by volume), up from 6.5 percent in 2012.

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By its count, there were 2,822 breweries in operation at the close of 2013, with 413 new brewery openings and 44 closings. The Brewer's Association calculates craft brewers provide over 110,000 jobs, an increase of almost 2,000 from the previous year.

See the full release here.

—By CNBC's Tom Rotunno. Follow him on Twitter @TomRotunno.