Funny Business with Jane Wells

New ED drug takes over March Madness

The first new drug to treat erectile dysfunction in almost a decade launched a huge marketing campaign Wednesday by taking over the CBS Sports website, hoping to score a slam dunk during March Madness.

The drug, Stendra, which is manufactured by biopharma firm Vivus and marketed by by Auxilium Pharmceuticals, helps men with erectile dysfunction in as little 30 minutes, twice as fast as the leaders of the industry.

In fact, Stendra may actually work faster. The Food and Drug Administration is allowing the company to apply for certification to claim the drug can take you off the bench and put you into the game in a mere 15 minutes. (You'll be playing by the second quarter! Viagra makes you wait the entire game.)

Apparently, Stendra works faster because it better targets increased blood flow to, you know, the area that needs it.

Stendra, a drug to treat erectile dysfunction, advertised on the CBS Sports website on Wednesday.
Source: CBS Sports

Best news of all, there no old people in separate bathtubs in the ad campaign.

Instead of pitching an ED drug to men, Stendra may be targeting their wives and girlfriends.

"This Time He Was Ready" reads the headline of a series of black-and-white photos of couples, followed by a variety of finishing thoughts: "This Time He Was Ready Before Room Service Arrived," "This Time He Was Ready Before They Got Home."

According the company, since Stendra launched two months ago, it has already grabbed a 5 percent share of an estimated $3 billion market. They're like the Dayton of ED Madness!

—By CNBC's Jane Wells. Follow her on Twitter: @janewells.